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Why do you need an ONI handbag holder?

It’s an age old problem. You walk into a restaurant. You sit down at your table. Now where should you put your handbag? It isn’t practical or comfortable to sit with it on your knee. You can’t put it on the table. So the only option is on the floor – again. And you know how risky that can be.

ONI is the answer to the eternal handbag dilemma. It’s a beautiful handmade handbag holder that clips to almost any restaurant table or bar. It keeps your handbag off the floor and makes sure you don’t lose sight of it. ONI stands for Old New Invention because that’s exactly what it is – an old idea brought right up to date. It’s a must have accessory that keeps your handbag safe with style – a perfect mix of practical and feminine.


ONI was founded in 2006. Still so succesful and a womans best friend. The ONI handbag holder is beautiful and the perfect solution for your handbag or purse. The ONI handbag holder is available in the latest trends in different kind of designs. Apart from being a jewel for your eyes, your handbag will always be in sight and stay clean.

ONI is – and stays – a very unique handbag holder. The luxury ONIs are all handmade with Swarovksi stones. The colourful prints are specially designed for ONI and not available elsewhere. The ONI handbag holder is a must have for every woman and is the perfect gift for your grandmother, mother or girlfriend.

ONI – the one and ONI handbag holder for all women loving their bag

An anti-slip cover makes sure your ONI keeps its grip on all surfaces so your handbag is always secure. Just 4” long x 2.5” deep x 1.5” in diameter, ONI won’t take up much space in your bag. Weighing a tiny two ounces yet holding up to ten pounds, ONIs are also lightweight and very sturdy. ONI comes complete with a pretty silver coloured organza bag to protect it.