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Bling Bling Lovers

For the bling-bling lovers, don’t wait and a look at the updated collection Shine. You will find many new ONI’s in different styles and colors. You cannot have missed it, animal prints are everywhere. Also at ONI, we have added three animal print designs in the animal print collection. Hot hot hot!

We are now also selling other products in the ONI webshop. In the overview AV diversity you will find the popular sports towel (perfect for fitness equipment) en voor Christmas unique handmade Swedish Gnomes Sune, Viktor and Selma. 

Cosy Cosas

The ONI handbag holders can now also be found in our new sales point CosyCosas in Rijswijk. Drop by the conceptstore and enjoy your cup of coffee, workshop or just do some shopping for your new ONI handbag holder and other unique gifts.

Older news from ONI can be found here.


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