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November 2017
For the upcoming season we have designed several new ONI’s for our Shine Collection. For instance, the popular “Ladies” are now available in six different colors. With shining bright red Swarovski stones, ONI Red Lady, Red Daisy and Poppy Glam Mary suites perfectly for the upcoming season.

Don’t miss the new style ONI’s Golden Sky, Spiral Galaxy and Milky Way. Beautiful shining Swarovski stones and with a surprisingly low price!

March 2017
Do you feel it? The days are getting longer and lighter. Especially for these days and for the coming summer days, we can with proud present our new collection Shine. Several, beautiful and shining ONI’s and of course all handmade with Swarovski. With special thanks to Beadazzled for the collaboration!

January 2017
A new year, new challenges and of course you need new ONI’s. We start the year with an extended January SALE of our Swarovski ONI’s. Buy, 2 Swarovski ONI’s (incl. SALE) in January and you will get one ONI Basics for free. You can leave a message of your colour choice in the notes section in your order.

October 2016
Our new ONI handbag holder autumn and winter collections are now online. Have a look at our new Autumn collection for new ONI Animal Print designs and beautiful autumn and winter design prints. For instance, tiger, leopard, crocodile or zebra prints. Or the “new” tv inspired ONI Notelly. For the luxury ONI’s and especially for our Swarovski lovers, we have new and stylish handbag holders in the Premier Collection. Again,  with thanks to Beadazzled Amsterdam. For instance, Miss Cognac is inspired by the autumn and winter fashion or our best seller Poppy Glam is now available in three colours (at least one more colour to come…).

September 2016
As new owners of ONI, we have some great (and hectic) months behind us. It has even become more clear – the ONI handbag holder is extremely popular. We received a lot of nice reactions for the new appearance and our new collections. Thank you!

Currently, we are working on the new fall- and winter collections. If you have some patience – the new collections will be online soon. There will be ONI’s available in different styles and again you can be sure to find something you like. We will have new Swarovski handbag holders and a number of new ONI prints.  Keep an eye on the ONI online store!

P.S. Do not forget to sign up for our newsletter. On a regular basis, we send great offers to our ONI customers. See also our Sale items and the ONI Basics now available for 9.95 euro!

April 2016
The ONI webshop is finally online again with a brand new look. Let’s celebrate this with some new collections.

We have asked our successful ladies from Beadazzled to design two new collections: Premier and De Luxe. The ONIs are a mix of different styles and exclusive hand made with Swarovski stones.

The popular collection Colors designed by Barbara Vos will stay in our webshop. Barbara has also designed a new special collection for this period of the year – Summer 2016. Have a look and get inspired with these brand new designs. The ONIs will fit perfectly with your spring and summer outfit or at your best friends wedding!

We also extended our Basics collection with dozens of new colours. Don’t forget to check out the fresh spring and summer colours for 2016, but also the classics White and Black will always fit your outfit. Of course we will continue to add more ONIs to our different collections. There will always be something for you!

Don’t forget to have a look into our Sale. Limited ONI’s with great discount.